PeBA 2017

Spheres of Interaction –

Contacts and Relationships
between the Balkans and adjacent regions in the Late Bronze / Iron Age (13/12th – 6/5th BCE)

15 – 17 September 2017, Institute of Archaeology Belgrade

(Photos by Mario Gavranović, Daniela Heilmann)


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Friday, 15 September 2017

Chairs: Prof. Dr. Miloš Jevtić, Prof. Dr. Mitja Guštin

08:45      Get-together
09:00      Welcome – Dr. Miomir Korać (Director of the Archaeological Institute Belgrade)
09:15      Introduction – Prof. Dr. Miloš Jevtić

09:30      Mario Gavranović (Vienna) / Daniela Heilmann (Munich) Introduction to the Conference

09:50      Alberta Arena (Rome/Berlin) / Vedran Barbarić (Split) / Irena Radić (Zadar)
The desegregation of former networks and the emergence of new ones.
The interaction between the Apennine Peninsula and Western Balkan between
MBA and the beginning of LBA

10:10      Sabine Pabst (Marburg)
Late Bronze Age and Early Iron Age Central Dalmatia in the sphere of
interaction between Carpathian Basin, Apennine Peninsula and Aegean
10:30  Coffee Break

11:00      Maja Gori (Bochum/Heidelberg) / Tobias Krapf (Athens)
Are we all well connected? Challenges and potentiality of Social Network
Analysis in exploring interactions in the south-western Balkans during Middle
and Late Bronze Age

11:20      Aleksandra Papazovska (Skopje)
Early Iron Age settlements and their relations with cemeteries in Macedonia –
Social, economic and cultural relationships between regions

11:40     Tanya Hristova (Sofia)
The settlement near Chepintsi, Sofia (Bulgaria) in the context of the Final Bronze
Age in Central Balkans and Lower Danube regions

12:00 Lunch Break

14:00     Anne-Zara Chemsseddoha (Toulouse)
Connections between the Balkans and the Aegean: the case of the Iron Age burial
customs in Northern Greece

14:20     Ioannis Xydopoulos (Thessaloniki)
Macedonians east of the Axios River: When, how, why?

14:40     Athanasia Kyriakou (Thessaloniki)
Investigating the interregional influences and life cycle of two metal vessels used
as urns in a 4th c BC intra muros burial at Vergina / Aegae

15:00     Denis Topal (Kishinev)
Western frontiers of European Scythia: A case-study on panoply

15:20 Coffee Break

16:00     Martina Blečić Kavur (Koper) / Aleksandar Jašarević (Doboj)
The brand new hoard – The brand new heavies

16:20     Katarina Dmitrović (Čačak) / Marija Ljuština (Belgrade)
Some Light in Dark Ages: Remarks on Cultural Continuity between Late Bronze
and Early Iron Age in West Morava Basin

16:40     Blagoje Govedarica (Berlin)
The grave of the “priest of Glasinac”:  A forgotten fateful find of West Balkan

17:00     Katarina Dmitrović (Čačak)
The Earliest Iron Keepers in Western Serbia – notes from Kalakača graves

Résumé: Prof. Dr. Mitja Guštin
Final panel discussion: Uncovering Networks: Methods and Approaches

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Chairs: Dr. Rastko Vasić, Prof. Dr. Carola Metzner-Nebelsick

08:30 Get-together
08:45     Introduction – Dr. Rastko Vasić

09:00     Aleksandar Kapuran (Belgrade) / Aleksandar Bulatović (Belgrade)
Similarity and differences between the material cultures of Belegiš II – Gava
group from the southern Pannonian Basin and the Morava river Basin

09:20     Aca Đorđević (Belgrade) / Milijan Dimitrijević (Belgrade)
Burials in the Late Prehistory of Djerdap: Sepucral Practice and Cultural Change
in the Case of Archaeological Site Konopište

09:40     Hrvoje Kalafatić (Zagreb)
Eastern Slavonia and Western Srijem – contact zone during early phase of the
Late Bronze Age

10:00     Katalin Jankovits (Budapest)
Contacts between Transdanubia, the Balkans, northern Italy and Greece in the
Late Bronze as reflected by protective weaponry

10:20  Coffee Break

11:00     Marko Dizdar (Zagreb)
The Late Hallstatt connections between the southeastern Carpathian Basin and
the Central Balkans – The beautiful ladies coming from the South

11.20     Daria Ložnjak Dizdar (Zagreb)
Connections between the southern Carpathian Basin and the Central Balkans in
the 8th century BC – Female attire

11:40     Vojislav Filipović (Belgrade)
Chronology and Classification of Open- work Belts in Southeastern Europe

12:00     Rovena Kurti (Tirana)
Common trends and regional particulari- ties in western Balkan Iron Age:
the composite belts of the 7th-6th centuries B.C from north Albania

12:20 Lunch Break

14:20     Saša Kovačević (Zagreb)
At the crossroads – An introduction to a new beginning of Jalžabet project

14:40     Snježana Karavanić (Zagreb) / Andreja Kudelić (Zagreb)
Late Bronze Age Settlement Kalnik-Igrišče (NW Croatia) in the context of
southern part of Pannonia plain

15:00     Dragan Božič (Nova Gorica)
Pottery with indented walls between Dolenjska in the South-eastern Alpine
Region, the northern Balkans, Pannonia, and the Middle Danube region

15:20  Coffee Break

16.00     Uroš Matić (Münster) / Filip Franković (Heidelberg)
The Sea Peoples and the discourse of balkanism in archaeology of the
Late Bronze Age

16:20     Mitja Guštin (Piran)
The formatting of Early Iron Age elites between the Mediterranean civilisations
and Middle Europe

Résumé: Prof. Dr. Carola Metzner-Nebelsick
Final panel discussion: From Cultural Contacts to Cultural Change?

Poster Presentations

Pero Ardjanliev (Skopje) / Petra Tušlová (Prague) / Marek Verčík (Prague) / Barbora Weissová (Bochum)
Trebenishte, Ohrid and the Region with Golden Masks – a Survey Project (working title)

Laura Burkhardt (Vienna)
Regional Connectivity and Diversity in Late Bronze Age Tableware Assemblages. The Case Study Adatepe, SE Bulgaria

Ivan Ninčić (Belgrade)
Scythian Weapons and Horse Harness in the Territory of Serbia

Anna Panti (Thessaloniki)